Friday, October 02, 2009

Exciting Exhibition and Events in Bury St Edmunds

I spent today at the "Making and Mending" exhibition at the Bury St Edmunds Gallery. I really recommend it.

There are some great events, too. Today (2 October) and tomorrow (3 October)Celia Pym is busily darning items brought in by memebrs of the public.

Next week (Fri 9 and at 10 October)Kai-Oi Jay Yung will be making sock monkeys under an amazing wigwam made out of brightly coloured scraps of fabric. Jay would love it if local knitters came along to knit socks, make monkeys etc. I'm going to go along again on the Friday.

For fellow public transport lovers: the Bury St Edmunds bus leaves Drummer St at quarter to the hour and comes back from Bury St Edmunds bus station at quarter past.

Don't forget that there are also 3 yarn suppliers (Singer, Rendall's and Wibbling Wools in the centre of Bury St Edmunds) and, if you 'phone beforehand, you might even be able to combine it with a trip to the yarn Gallery in Flempton. Oh, and do go and take a look at the new lampost cozy outside Wibbling Wools.


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