Monday, March 24, 2008

Now We Are Five!

Here's a rather wonky scan of the wonderful card that Carole made to celebrate the group's 5th birthday. Here are just a few of the messages that got written inside:
"I feel like I have a new family, one that understands my obsession with yarn!!!"; "We're a lovely bunch of knitwits"; "here's to many more knitty and crafty years"; "knit on!"; "long live KTog".

I think that Liz is planning to add some photos soon. Meantime, we've been featured as I Knit London's first-ever knitting group of the week. We also owe I Knit a big thak you for providing the delicious lollies that Liz brought along to the party (I can vouch for their yumminess): thank you, I Knit!


Blogger Manda said...

Thank you to Carole for making such a beautiful card. To everyone who signed it a record of this land mark birthday with such personal comments.

Infinity and beyond .............

8:46 am  

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