Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knitting at the Alex

Well, it seemed to go very well at the Alex this evening; they were happy to see us; I didn’t have food,but people who did said that it was pretty good and reasonably priced; we colonised the back bar and they were fine with that; the lighting was very good; the beer/cider wasn’t as good as the Blue (but then, frankly, where is?) but the wine was better. I think we probably tripled the evening food order.

I think the idea at the end of the evening was that we’d do it as an additional evening next month, too; and then work out what we wanted to do after Christmas via
e-mail/blog/Ravelry/opinions from people who were there…

Personally, I thought it was a very nice evening. Comments, anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claire and Carole really enjoyed the venue, I think because it is a change of scenery, the Blue is fab in the summer but not so good in the winter so perhaps thats how it should be done.

I went to the pub for a year with my bookgroup before they changed hands and it isn't as good as the previous owners the atmosphere was a little more relaxed and not so wine bar but still very nice. Thumbs up from the MIDDS.

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