Monday, March 20, 2006

Two questions

Hello all,
I need some advice from my Cambridge gang. Where do you go to get plain ordinary Birkenstocks? I don't want to order them online, coz I like to try my shoes on first! And I don't want the fashiony ones which I've seen in some shop windows around.
And, is anyone going to London this weekend to see Kay, of MasonDixon? I am going down Saturday night to stay with a friend, but would gladly meet up for the train ride home! Oh, what do I take to knit??


Blogger Pig wot flies said...

Sorry, I dunno. Have you tried all the Cambridge stockists on the website's list? It's mostly places like Sole Trader and Office, so it's probably the more 'fashion' end of the market. I like knitting socks on trains because they're highly portable. Unless you lose a needle of course. Socks on circs?

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