Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sorry, guys!

I upgraded my Blogger account to the beta version because there were a lot of blogs I couldn't comment on any more - only halfway through the process (when I was too far on to go back) did they announce that anyone who wanted to post to a group blog I'd started would have to do likewise before they could post again!

So apologies to anyone who was holding back on the Blogger upgrade for the moment. I think the bloggers who joined as posting members were Rosie, Mary and Becky (but this has disappeared from the sidebar for the moment!) ... I am extremely happy to take e-mails with content and post them to Blogger in the meantime...

Also, if anyone else is undeterred by this and would like to join the list of people who can contribute to this blog, please mail me at liz at lizmarley dot co dot uk ...


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