Monday, August 28, 2006

Wanted: Saturday off/full-time

Help! Owing to work/family commitments neither Sue nor I can organise Saturday meetings any more. Liz has kindly stepped into the breach for the last couple of months but, frankly, she's even busier than me and Sue. I'll be mailing the entire Cambridge KTog list to ask for help (in theory we have now passed the 100 mark!!) but this is just a plea to anyone who happens by here. Actually, if you'd just be willing to volunteer for one Saturday, just for one month, that would be cool, as I'll do the emailing; all I need is to know that someone friendly and reliable will be at the stated venue on the advertised day at the correct time to make new people welcome and offer needles/yarn/assistance if any beginners express an interest(I can supply the spare needles and yarn if you could drop in to Past Times/Girton to collect them). Go on: just one Saturday, just one month...but not if you feel it would be too tricky to balance with life as a whole. (I'm in one of those Marvin the Paranoid Android moods tonight: "Life. Don't talk to me about life.")

Rosie (up at 4.30am tomorrow, home at 11pm the day after, knackered at the mere thought of it all).


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