Sunday, October 01, 2006

Button? and October dates...

Those of us on UKHandKnitters might have seen the great debate re: whether we have a monthly post about the knitting groups available in the UK as opposed to the reminders about local knitting groups from the calendar. Anyway; looks like the calendar is no longer available, so what people will have is the monthly listing, which will link to this blog and Rosie's e-mail... unless those of us with individual blogs who live around Cambridge also want to link to this one, to give people dates.

I did a button for team Cambridge for the Knitting Olympics, but it's looking a bit old now; and I know it's a bit big for the sidebar on my blog. I devised this one

but I know it's not actually that good. Would anyone else (please) like to make a nicer one??

And I know Rosie may well post with this, but she's also really busy; so here are October's consolidated dates

Tuesday October 10
Grads Bar, ground floor Graduate Centre, Granta Place 7-9pm

Saturday October 21
Grads Café, third floor Graduate Centre, Granta Place 2-4pm

Tuesday October 24
Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street (off Mill Road), 7-9pm


Blogger Rosie said...

Thanks for doing this, Liz. The first two dates are stash swaps, too, so will add another post...

7:10 pm  

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