Tuesday, January 30, 2007

February and March dates

Hi all - the February and March dates are easyish to remember, as both are the same!

February 13 and March 13 - Granta Bar, ground floor of the Graduate Centre, Granta Place.

February 27 and March 27 - Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street (off Mill Road) - non-smoking venue.

If I've done this properly, there should soon be links to maps/information about the two venues in the sidebar under 'Where we Meet'

And a photo I never posted from a meeting at Grads Bar in July, to remind us that we do get meetings when it's actually light! To my shame, I've forgotten two of the names: from left travelling round the circle I have Jackie, Anne, ?, Mary, Rosie, ? I believe the knitter between Anne and Mary was from Seattle, and the knitter next to Rosie was based with the USAF...


Blogger Mary deB said...

Was one of those unknown knitters married to a mathematician/rower? And I think he knitted, too! But I can't remember any names...

10:08 pm  

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