Friday, April 06, 2007

April and May dates

Dates for the next couple of months:

10 April (this Tuesday): Granta Bar, ground floor of the Graduate Centre, Granta Place, 7-9pm.

21 April (Saturday): Grads Café, 3rd floor, Graduate Centre, Granta Place, 2-4pm.

24 April (Tuesday): Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street (off Mill Road), 7-9pm.

8 May (Tuesday): Granta Bar

19 May (Saturday): Grads Café

22 May (Tuesday: Cambridge Blue

For more information on the venues, and maps, check in the sidebar under 'Where We Meet'


Anonymous Anne said...

Sorry not to be there tonight - combination of a wierd viral rash thing that ITCHES!!! and the need to bake a cake for Ruth's party tomorrow. Pity, as I've got Amy Singer's "No Sheep" book to show round. Ah well, next time...

6:45 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

Oh no, how vexatious. Hope you are now unitching, that none of family now itching and that party and cake a huge success with the young princess. But, woe is me, I'm going to be away until May, so have to wait patiently (not my strong point) to see book.

6:32 pm  

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