Monday, December 31, 2007

Post 100; and into 2008!

Rosie noticed we'd got up to Post 99 last night, and I said I'd write something for the new year...

Do we need resolutions? apart from to go onwards and upwards again? I first found out about the group by a chance encounter with Rosie, on a beautiful sunny day by the Millpond nearly 4 years ago, and it was already pretty well-established; although there were still some evenings where there'd only be 2 or 3 of us (or on a couple of memorable occasions, 1, and then 2, and then 1!) ... Seems unthinkable now!
And for those around during the day on a Tuesday, another reminder about the new Tuesday Group run by Margaret Knight - it's all a matter of passing the word around...
Couple of typical photos from this year - one Saturday afternoon (the Afternoon of the Two Clapotis)....
and one Tuesday evening.... (I have no recollection of what you'd just said, Debs, but maybe someone else remembers!)
Just to confound Rosie's usual tendency to duck when the camera comes out, here's a pic from the first KTog yarn-dyeing session in the summer (L-R Jackie, Rosie and Manda)
and one from the second (blowing in the wind)

Earlier in the summer, the Cambridge KTog met the Bury St Edmunds group (no pics, but it would be great to meet with any other local group!)

And last in the year (and because we're called KTog but anyone crafty's welcome) here are Lil's fantastic scoubidous from one of the autumn GradPad evenings - aren't those colours brilliant?!

So off we career into the New Year. Any comments, suggestions, etc. for anything we might want to do, or do better, or differently - please post them here... And don't forget the Stash Swaps in January!


Blogger Rosie said...

Happy New Year everyone. I've actually forgotten how long ago that it was (5 or 6 years, maybe?) that several of us on UK Handknitters (a Yahoo Group) decided that Cambridge needed a knitting group... but I do remember (and would rather forget)a meeting when I was the one and only knitter in the Eagle. At the time we were one of, if not THE, first "pub knitting" group outside London!

Here's to a yarn, colour and pattern-filled 2008.

10:34 pm  
Blogger Manda said...

Thanks for the precis Liz. What can I say other than New Year, new yarn *grin*

9:26 pm  

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