Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally, birthday pics!

So here we all were at the Granta Bar on Wednesday night for the 5th birthday party ... These photos were taken without flash so there's an amount of blur - but less self-consciousness and running away to the bar to avoid the camera then there would otherwise be! I've added blog connections and Ravelry names [in brackets] for people whose details I know - do leave a comment if there are links I've missed out and I'll add them [I can't find Emma's blog at the moment, for instance, but I know there is one!]... And I think there were a couple of people I didn't photograph at all, so many apologies...

Photos are labelled from right to left... because that's the way I went round the circle...

Rosie [caughtknitting], Chika [chika], Claire [tigerchilli]

Alison, presiding over a table of drinks and crocheted coral-bits...

Emma, Jackie [jackier], Lil (a little bit in the background), Manda [Vespertine], and part of Emily [knittedrabbit]- sorry, Emily!!

Carole, Bekki [pigwotknits], Avril,

Heather [sparkleduck], Claire (with one of the IKnit lollies - thanks, guys, and for the mention in this week's newsletter!)

and Anne [MrsNiddyNoddy]...

A good time was had by all; the bar guys were as friendly as ever (which bodes well for future Saturday afternoons; we've outgrown the upstairs café by so much that we're a bit of a hazard up there!)...

Hope to see everyone tomorrow night at the Blue. I'll be the one hacking, coughing and sniffling pitifully.


Blogger Manda said...

Yay birthday pics - thanks Liz X

8:42 am  
Blogger The Mushroom said...

Hello Rosie,

I hope you feel better. Hope you enjoyed the snow last week... I guess it didn't improve your health.

Take care

2:18 pm  

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