Sunday, April 27, 2008

May KTogs (Ely and Cambridge)

Here are the May dates/venues. Note both plans A and B for 17th May (we had, in fact, planned to meet in the Granta bar, as we did for our Saturday meeting in April, but 17 May just so happens to be the FA cup final and we think that there may be rather a lot of footy fans wanting to see the TV...)

Thu 1 May: The Lamb, Ely, 7-9pm
Tue 13 May: Granta Bar, Ground Floor, University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Road, Cambridge, 7-9pm
Sat 17 May: Plan A: if fine, we’ll be knitting next to The Mill Pond (aka Laundress Green). Do bring rugs/blankets/cushions. Plan B: if wet, head for Grads Cafe, top floor, University Centre. Both venues are accessible from Granta Place, off Mill Road Cambridge. 2-4pm
Thu 15 May: The Lamb, Ely, 7-9pm
Tue 27 May: Cambridge Blue, Gwydir St, Cambridge, 7-9pm


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