Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New LYS opens in Bury St Edmunds

Hi all

Fellow KTOG Raveler 15yns new LYS opens today for our support:

24 Angel Hill
Bury St Edmunds,

Tues to Sat 9:30am-5:00pm

Tel 01284 749555

In her words “so far we’ve got sirdar, sublime, natural dye studio, lana grossa, artesano, Manos, rowan, debbie bliss, noro, mirasol, mission falls and crystal palace. Cascade is on its way from the states. Namaste have just got in touch. Brittany birch needles are going to my main needle supplier along with all the regulars like prym. And we’re just wanting to know what are customers want and I’ll do the best to source it. Got some great bags and T-shirts coming and lovely gift cards and wrapping paper too and theres gonna be a workshop area too and bury stitch and bitch have been in touch so hopefully going to be doing some things with them. and a lovely conversation with the guy from cornwall organic should see us supplying some of their wool too which I’m so excited about”

The very warmest of good wishes for your new yarn venture


Anonymous Kiyah said...

Went there yesterday and can confirm that it's an awesome shop with a lovely friendly owner. I came home with way too much sock yarn and a dozen cases of "I want..!"

5:24 pm  
Anonymous 2ply said...

Hoorah! Am delighted to hear this, being as I'm from BSE!

9:52 am  
Anonymous Kiyah said...

You'll remember us, then. We were the ones with the crazy sock knitting machine anecdotes. I'll add that I am now on my third pair of socks via good old-fashioned dpns, but we still haven't got a heel out of the machine :D

1:05 am  
Anonymous Kiyah (again) said...

Argh, fail. I read that you were from the store, and you didn't actually say that at all. D'oh. Still, go see the store :)

1:07 am  
Anonymous 2ply said...

I've looked through the shop window this evening (licked the glass, as I believe they say in France) and am very much looking forward to entering the shop on Saturday!

10:18 pm  

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