Wednesday, July 16, 2008

for "anonymous" and everyone else!

"Anonymous" has been in touch, saying:


i'm a knitter (not really good but i enjoy it) and would like to know if there are meetings where we sit and talk whilst knitting and every one does their own projects?
I'd love to join if it exists! :-)
I'm knitting with a friend sometimes and we thought it might be more fun to join a group with more people.
Thank you

So this is just a brief bit of info for anyone who hasn't (yet) been to a KTog.

All our regular meetings (the ones at the University Centre and the Cambridge Blue in Cambridge and the ones at the Lamb in Ely) are ones where we turn up with whatever we are making at the moment, (plus any books/magzines we've discovered and are happy to pass round) then we sit and knit/crochet/chat and sip/chomp (the sipping/chomping aspect are quite important, we don't pay to use venues, so we buy drinks and food to justify our presence to the management!).

And if anyone is baffled by a pattern/struggling with a stitch there's always someone else willing to advise/help (but never in a patronising way!). If you're new, please tell us so, so that we can introduce ourselves. (This may sound a bit weird, surely group members know when someone is new? Actually, though, as few of us manage to get to every single meeting, we're not always certain if someone we've not seen before is new, or is maybe someone who turns up on days we've not been able to make! And I've got a sieve-like memory, which doesn't help!)

Sometimes some of us will be working on charity/group projects but they are never compulsory and I've never known a meeting where everyone is working on the same sort of project. And there's almost always someone doing crochet/cross stitch alongside the knitters.

So, Anonymous, I hope that answers your query and that you and your friend can come and join us soon. If there's anything else anyone would like to ask: fire away!



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