Thursday, July 31, 2008

STOP PRESS: interesting knitting opportunity


Through a friend I have been approached by Helen Judge Helen’s webpage and Cathy Dunbar with a very interesting knitting proposition. They are coming to the Grad Pad on the 12th of August to explain more. Read on (an overview of the email I received from Helen)

Cathy and I are planning to do a knitting performance at Wysing during Wysing Inside out 19th Sept and 5th Oct

We are looking for Xtravert knitters to join us in a performance where we knit a small set/insallation. In the passed Cathy did an amazing Knitting instillation where she got people to Knit them selves into it. This has been an inspiration for us to collaborate on a knitting project with some props from our society of xtras set (the couch and the standard lamp) with knitted costumes and Knitters, knitting themselves into the set. We would love it if people of all knitting abilities could join us with their knitting in preparation and for the day, and we are open to any knitting ideas. The performance will be out doors (weather permitting) and be documented to be displayed at Wysing after the event.

Dates/times/details are still being ironed out.

To get an idea of what Cathy and I have been up to and what the couch and lamp looks like unknitted check out:

couch and lamp and Society of Xtra’s this is where its going on Wysing Arts Centre


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