Tuesday, April 21, 2009

May knitting dates, and some national events stuff

We crochet, we drink, we knit, we think...

Hello all, and hope spring has finally sprung for you too!

The knitting dates for May are as follows:

Thursday 7 May
7-9pm, The Lamb, ELY

Tuesday 12 May
7-9pm, Granta Bar, ground floor, University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane, CAMBRIDGE

Saturday 16 May - note change of location*
2-4pm, Grads Cafe, third floor, University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane, CAMBRIDGE

Thursday 21 May
7-9pm, The Lamb, ELY

Tuesday 26 May
7-9 pm, Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street, CAMBRIDGE

As ever, links to the locations are on the right-hand sidebar (and the broken links to the University Centre now work again - not sure how long it was since I last checked them); hope to see you there!

Jackie included a press release about the Ravelry Day in early June in the e-mailing-out, but Blogger doesn't support file uploading, so here's an equivalent. I Knit London has produced a listing of national knitting events for the year in their newsletter this week, starting with Wonderwool Wales at the weekend, and ending with the Knitting and Stitching shows in the autumn, with links for further information.

If you find out about something that you think others would be interested in please let Jackie know, or leave a comment on the blog, by (about) 20th of the previous month. Because these meetings are very informal, you may find that other people arrange additional activities which will not have been included in the email or on this blog, and this will probably happen on the knit Cam group at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/ktog-cambridge-uk.

* Apologies to anyone who turned up on Saturday and didn't work out we were at the Grads café; or indeed just didn't make it up the stairs in the absence of the lift! We were assured on Tuesday night that the room itself would be open even though the bar is now closed during the day. And according to the notice next to the lift, the lift's due to be operational again before the next Saturday meeting; but only the day before, so you might want to phone on the day if making it up the stairs is likely to be difficult - (01223) 337766 - there is a service lift, and staff were happy to help; but it only goes to the second floor. Kudos to Clare, Katie and Genevieve, and Diana, who did fight their way up there against all odds!