Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cats and knitting

cat knitting
cat knitting, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

At last night's knit together in the Cambridge Blue, we were joined by Ajax the cat. Was it all those balls of yarn, Liz's cat-attracting mohair or the fish pie that caught his attention? We may never know. This picture's a little dark, but the one with the flash was very unflattering for all concerned, especially Ajax. (Click through to Flickr for a larger version)

Things we learnt: Mention casually that you went to Colinette last weekend and instantly become the centre of attention. Never tell a journalist where you work. Tom Jones fans buy 3 packs of knickers from M&S for throwing on stage during concerts. Fluffy yarn hides a multitude of 'design features'.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Knitting in Cambridge Evening News on Thursday

Yep, CambridgeKTog will get a mention in a National Knitting Week feature in the Cambridge Evening News on Thursday. Just don't look at the photo, OK? Maybe something exciting will happen in Cambridge and they'll have to drop the photo . I live in hope...

Friday, October 06, 2006

stash swaps

since there's nothing like a good old spring clean in autumn (ahem, I always am rather behind with things)our October meetings have traditionally been stash swaps. So, dig out your oddments/why-did-I-buy-thats (yarns, fabrics, and anything else in the way of craft materials/books)and bring them along to either (or both) of the meetings at the University Centre. You're welcome to take stuff home even if you've nothing to contribute but, be warned, somehow going along intending to give things away but not bring replacements home just don't seem to work...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Button? and October dates...

Those of us on UKHandKnitters might have seen the great debate re: whether we have a monthly post about the knitting groups available in the UK as opposed to the reminders about local knitting groups from the calendar. Anyway; looks like the calendar is no longer available, so what people will have is the monthly listing, which will link to this blog and Rosie's e-mail... unless those of us with individual blogs who live around Cambridge also want to link to this one, to give people dates.

I did a button for team Cambridge for the Knitting Olympics, but it's looking a bit old now; and I know it's a bit big for the sidebar on my blog. I devised this one

but I know it's not actually that good. Would anyone else (please) like to make a nicer one??

And I know Rosie may well post with this, but she's also really busy; so here are October's consolidated dates

Tuesday October 10
Grads Bar, ground floor Graduate Centre, Granta Place 7-9pm

Saturday October 21
Grads Café, third floor Graduate Centre, Granta Place 2-4pm

Tuesday October 24
Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street (off Mill Road), 7-9pm