Saturday, October 27, 2007

new weekday knitting group in central Cambridge

There's a new knitting group which will be meeting in Cambridge on Tuesdays, during the day, starting this week.

The organiser is Margaret Knight, and this is what she says:

"I am starting with the first meeting on Tuesday 10a.m.-12, at Christchurch, Newmarket Road (just by Cobbles Yard).Meetings will be every week during school term time and the cost will be £2 but this will include refreshments."

Margaret has chosen a day and time that she hopes will suit anyone who finds it difficult to get to evening/weekend meetings . Maybe you know somebody who can't make KTogs but would love to be in a knitting group? If so, do pass the details on!

Margaret can be contacted by email:
You know the drill: replace the DOT with a full stop and the AT with the little @ sign..., but if you get really foxed, contatct me via the link at the sdie of the blog and I'll forward emails.

I'm at work on Tuesdays so can't go myself, but I hope there are many hours of happy knitting ahead on Tuesday mornings!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

November and December dates

Please note that December's dates don't quite follow the usual pattern!

Tue 13 November, 7-9pm
Granta Bar, ground floor,
University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane

Sat 17 November, 2-4pm
Grads Cafe, top floor,
University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane

Tue 27 November, 7-9pm
The Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street, off Mill Road

Tue 4 December, (one week earlier than usual!)7-9pm
Granta Bar, ground floor,
University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane

Sat 15 December, 2-4pm
Grads Cafe, top floor,
University Centre, Granta Place, off Mill Lane

no meeting at The Blue in December!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The power of knitting...

Claire moves a very little; Mary and Carole move hardly at all. Meanwhile, a Non-Knitter vaporises into nothingness in the background...

Despite our large numbers, and the sheer quantity of stash-swap on the table while they were trying to provide us with food, the new management at the Cambridge Blue were relatively unfazed, with only one tricoteuses joke...

Rosie will post the dates for next month soon; watch this space...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

free yarn and patterns (Oxfam)

Oxfam shops throughout the country are currently offering free yarn and patterns to knitters who would like to make accessories for them to sell in stores. (Ultimately this is much more profiatble for them, and far better for the environment, than their former practice of sending jumpers to children overseas. they also accept blankets to sell at Glastonbury!)

I was a bit concerned that maybe they might then sell the items for less than the price of the yarn but, no, the instructions to shop managers on pricing remind them that "each garment is handmade and unique", or, as Csilla in Cambridge's Bridge Street branch said, "we're not going to be offering gloves for £1 or anything silly like that". The patterns available include Rowan designs, and some designed specially for Oxfam. I'll be showing off a pattern for a peaked cap at the KTog this Saturday, and Csilla says that their best-selling knitted graments have been these and ear-flap hats. They're very happy to accept other designs if none of their patterns appeals.

If anyone has any unhomed yarn after Saturday's KTog, Oxfam would be happy to have it (so long as were not talking vast quantities!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Origins link

Just in case you can't get the link below to work, here's one that does: Orgins charity knitting.

charity knitting (Shelter)

Here's the link to the charity knitting project Carole told us about at the KTog last night. the idea is to knit a tiny, christmassy scarf, to go round a bottle of Origins ginger essence scent. Origins will donate £1 to Shelter for each bottle sold between 1st and 24th December:

And, in the unlikely event that Santa reads this blog, I'd like to point out that the bottle of Ginger Essence he gave me 2 years ago is exhausted...