Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saturdays in 2007

After the stunning Saturday afternoon meeting in January where we had 18 knitters and more-or-less took over the space, here are potential dates for the rest of the year; with people willing to host them.

All Saturday afternoon dates are at Grads Café, third floor of the Graduate Centre, Granta Place. This is a non-smoking venue, and children are welcome.

February 17, hosted by Jackie
March 17, hosted by Jayne
April 21, hosted by Jackie
May 19, hosted by Liz
June 16, hosted by Bekki
July 21
August 18
September 15
October 20, hosted by Liz
November 17
December 15

If anyone can host (arrive up to half an hour early, stake out some seats, be generally welcoming to people looking for knitters!) please leave a comment here, or e-mail me at liz [at] lizmarley [dot] co [dot] uk; or send an e-mail to Rosie in response to one of her e-mails about dates. It would be really nice to put names next to these dates so we know there's someone there to welcome new people - we had 6 or 7 in January!

February and March dates

Hi all - the February and March dates are easyish to remember, as both are the same!

February 13 and March 13 - Granta Bar, ground floor of the Graduate Centre, Granta Place.

February 27 and March 27 - Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street (off Mill Road) - non-smoking venue.

If I've done this properly, there should soon be links to maps/information about the two venues in the sidebar under 'Where we Meet'

And a photo I never posted from a meeting at Grads Bar in July, to remind us that we do get meetings when it's actually light! To my shame, I've forgotten two of the names: from left travelling round the circle I have Jackie, Anne, ?, Mary, Rosie, ? I believe the knitter between Anne and Mary was from Seattle, and the knitter next to Rosie was based with the USAF...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

pattern hunting

Does anyone have a copy of Wrap Style they'd be willing to lend me? Or does anyone know if any of the local libraries has it?



Saturday, January 06, 2007

January KTogs

OK: here are the dates...

Jan 9th - Grads Bar, ground floor at the Graduate Centre, Granta Place (off Mill Lane), Cambridge: 7-9 pm.

Jan 20th - Grads Café on the third floor at the Graduate Centre, Granta Place (off Mill Lane), Cambridge: 2-4 pm. Non-smoking venue; children welcome.

Jan 23rd - Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street, off Mill Road. Limited on-street parking; non-smoking venue. 7-9 pm.

Food available at all venues.

People are needed to host Saturday meetings for the rest of 2007, just to make sure someone turns up and can welcome people who haven't been before - if you can make a permanent commitment that's great; if not, please sign up for whichever months you'd like - the dates are up to you. E-mail to liz [at] lizmarley [dot] co [dot] uk if you can help out.